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2022 Paris Trip: A Laid Back Day 5

Given the late night the day before, Day 5 started with a bit of a lie in. Once I finally was up, it was time for the lunch reservation at MoSuke I was incredibly fortunate to secure. I hopped in a car and headed to the 14th Arrondissement. See my review of MoSuke here.

MoSuke in the 14th Arrondissement

After a long, leisurely lunch, I headed to the 3rd Arrondissement for a vintage designer shopping experience I booked through Airbnb. This experience would see us working our way through the 3rd Arrondissement, the Marais, through a variety of shops, both those open to the public and those available only via appointment.

Along the way, we saw beautiful areas of Paris, including the beautiful Jardin Lazare-Rachline at 9 Rue Payenne. This beautiful oasis backs onto the Musée Cognacq-Jay in the Hôtel Donon, which houses the personal collection of La Samarataine founders Théodore-Ernest Cognacq and his wife Marie Louise Jay.

Jardin Lazare-Rachline and the Hôtel Donon

While I was unable to find any deals on Chanel jackets (what I was on the hunt for), I did find an Yves Saint Laurent kaftan/dress from the 1970’s at one shop and a gorgeous pair of new, never worn orange Fendi slingbacks at another at prices that I felt were good deals. Even if I had not purchased anything, I had a fun time on the tour, and would recommend it to anyone visiting Paris.

Spoils from an afternoon of shopping at vintage designer stores.

After the tour wrapped up late afternoon/early evening, I headed back to the hotel. I was still stuffed from lunch but stopped for a couple of glasses of wine in the lobby of the hotel while chatting with fellow American travelers. After my second glass of wine, I decided to head down to the pool in the basement of the hotel for more relaxation before going to bed early to catch an early train to Reims.


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