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Remembering Notre-Dame

Many of us watched in disbelief today as tragedy unfolded before our eyes. The iconic Notre-Dame de Paris was on fire. The fire started around 6:50 pm Paris time and quickly grew into a raging inferno. For those watching the events unfold, we were horrified, heartbroken, and absolutely stunned as it took firefighters hours to get the blaze under control. For hours, we waited with bated breath hoping that the iconic Lady of Paris would be ok. While she isn't completely out of the woods yet, it appears that she has been saved from complete destruction, with the stonework largely surviving thus far. More will unfold in daylight tomorrow, but President Macron has promised to rebuild.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Paris five times over the last four years. During each of those trips, I have endeavored to pay my respects to Our Lady, spending significant time inside on at least three occasions. In memory of this amazing piece of history, art, and architecture, here are some of my favorite memories from my various visits. Here is hoping her recovery and rebuilding will render her stronger than ever so she may last for another 800 years providing inspiration for generations to come.

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